Opel History 1970-1979

1970The mid-class model Ascona A and the sporty Manta A are born.
The Commodore GS/E with electronic fuel injection goes into production.
The Opel Manta A Luxus, 1970–1975.Advertisement for the special edition Opel Manta A GT/E Black Magic, 1975.The Opel Manta A GT/E, 1974–1975.The Opel Ascona A Luxus, 1970–1975.
The Opel Ascona A Voyage station wagon, 1970–1975.The Opel Ascona A SR, 1970–1975.Advertisement for the Opel Ascona, 1972.The square logo represents the company and dealerships, 1970.
The Commodore GS/E.   
1971The ten-millionth Opel rolls off the assembly line in the Rüsselsheim plant. The Rekord D goes into production, also in Rüsselsheim.
On September 6, 1971, the ten-millionth Opel, a Rekord C station wagon, rolls out of the plant.The Opel Rekord D Luxus, 1972–1977.The Opel Rekord D Luxus station wagon, 1972–1977. 
1972With a market share of 20.4 percent, Opel is the largest German automobile manufacturer.
The Commodore B is introduced.
A modified Opel GT with the new Opel diesel engine sets two world records and 28 international records at the Dudenhofen proving grounds.
The Opel Commodore B GS/E, 1972–1977.The Opel Commodore B Coupe GS, 1972–1977.Opel’s record-setting diesel vehicle based on the Opel GT, 1972.Opel’s record-setting diesel vehicle based on the Opel GT, 1972.
Opel’s record-setting diesel vehicle based on the Opel GT, 1972.   
1973The Kadett C is launched. All told, roughly 1.7 million units of the model are to be built.
Seatbelts become standard equipment in all Opel models.
The Opel Kadett C, 1973–1978.The Opel Kadett C Aero, 1976–1978.The three body variants of the Opel Kadett C: sedan, station wagon and coupe, 1973–1979.The Opel Kadett C GT/E Coupe, 1975–1977.
Advertisement with Walter Röhrl for the Opel Kadett C GT/E Coupe, 1975.Walter Röhrl in an Opel Kadett C GT/E Coupe, at the Markenpokal (Opel Cup) races on the Nürburgring, 1976.Kadett City 
1974Walter Röhrl and his navigator Jochen Berger become European Rally champions in an Ascona A.
The Opel Ascona A Europen championship car from 1974.Walter Röhrl and Jochen Berger in an Opel Ascona A during the Moldow Rally, 1974.The European Rally champions of the 1974 season. Walter Röhrl (right) and Jochen Berger (left). 
1975The Ascona B and Manta B go into production.
The Opel Manta B SR, 1975–1988.The Opel Manta B Luxus, 1975–1988.The Opel Manta B SR (foreground) and GT/E (background), 1975.The Opel Manta B CC Berlinetta, 1975–1988.
The Opel Manta B GT/E, 1977–1988.The Opel Ascona B Luxus, 1975–1981.The Opel Ascona B Berlina, 1975–1981.The Opel Ascona B J, 1975–1981.
The Opel Ascona B SR, 1975–1981.The Opel Ascona B 400, 1979–1981.  
1977The Rekord E succeeds the Rekord D.
The ’77 Opel Rekord E, 1977–1982.The ’77 Opel Rekord E Berlina, 1977–1982.The ’77 Opel Rekord E diesel, 1977–1982.The ’77 Opel Rekord E station wagon, 1977–1982.
1978Two new stars enter the big leagues of the automobile market: the luxurious four-door Senator and the sporty fastback coupe Monza. The top-of-the-line power unit for both models is a newly developed three-liter six-cylinder engine with an output of 180 hp.
The ’78 Opel Senator A, 1978–1982.The ’78 Opel Senator A, 1978–1982.The ’78 Opel Monza A, 1978–1982.The ’78 Opel Monza A, 1978–1982.
1979Production of the first front-wheel-drive Opel, the Kadett D, begins in Bochum.
The Opel Kadett D Berlina, 1979–1984 .Final assembly (wedding) of an Opel Kadett D in the Bochum plant, 1979.The Opel Kadett D GT/E, 1983–1984.The Opel Kadett D Luxus, 1979–1984.