Opel History 1960-1969

1960The Opel Rekord P2 arrives. About 755,000 units are to be built in total.
The Opel Rekord P2, 1960–1963.The Opel Rekord P2, 1960–1963.The Opel Rekord P2 station wagon, 1960–1963. 
1961A sporty coupe is launched, rounding off the model line.
The Opel Rekord P2 Coupe, 1960–1963.The Opel Rekord P2 Coupe, 1960–1963.  
1962Opel celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary.
A plant is inaugurated in Bochum for the production of the new Opel Kadett.
A procession of cars marks the 100-year jubilee of Adam Opel AG, 1962.A gala event on August 14, 1962, is held to celebrate the 100-year jubilee of Adam Opel AG. German Minister of Economic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ludwig Erhard addresses the assembly.The Opel Kadett A, 1962–1965.The Opel Kadett A Coupe, 1963–1965.
The new Opel plant in Bochum, 1962.Final assembly (wedding) of an Opel Kadett A in the Bochum plant, 1963.Advertisement for the Opel Kadett A, 1963–1965. 
1963Opel Rekord A is presented.
The Opel Rekord A Coupe, 1963–1965.Advertisement for the Opel Rekord A, 1963.The Opel Rekord A undergoes a final check in the Rüsselsheim plant, 1963.All Opel Rekord A and Kadett A models built in 1963–64 sport this variant of the Blitz “bow and stern.”
1964Opel unveils three new luxury models: Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat. These prestigious six- and eight-cylinder flagships capture the spirit of the times. All three are well received and become immediate market successes.
The “big three” from Opel. Left to right: Opel Diplomat A V8, Opel Admiral A and Opel Kapitän A, 1964.The Opel Kapitän A, 1964–1965.The Opel Admiral A, 1964–1965.The Opel Diplomat A, 1964–1968.
Advertisement for Opel’s “big three,” 1964.The Blitz adorns all Opel passenger cars in the 1964 model year.  
1965A new Kadett takes the place of its predecessor. By 1973, the B series Kadett becomes Opel’s most successful model yet, selling 2.6 million units.
The Rekord B is launched with a new engine generation.
The fastest German production model coupe to date appears: the Diplomat V8.
The Opel Kadett B, 1965–1973The Opel Kadett B, 1965–1973The Opel Kadett B Coupe, 1965-1973The Opel Kadett station wagon, 1965 – 1973.
The Opel Rekord B Luxus, 1965-1966.The Opel Rekord B, 1965-1966The Opel Diplomat A Coupe, 1965–1967. 
1966The Bochum plant celebrates a milestone: the one-millionth Kadett leaves the assembly lines.
Opel opens a new automotive proving ground at Dudenhofen in the German state of Hesse, as well as a plant for manufacturing components in Kaiserslautern.
The Rekord C goes into production, and the legendary Rallye Kadett is introduced to the market.
The one-millionth Opel Kadett rolls off the Bochum assembly lines on October 11, 1966.The Opel Proving Grounds in Dudenhofen, 1966.The Opel Proving Grounds in Dudenhofen, 1966.Opel components plant in Kaiserslautern, 1966.
The Opel Kadett B Coupe Rallye, 1966–1973.The Opel Kadett B Coupe Rallye SR, 1966–1973.The Opel Rekord C, 1966–1971.The Opel Rekord C station wagon, 1966–1971.
1967Opel launches the sporty Commodore A and a further Kadett model variant, the Kadett B LS.
The Opel Commodore A Coupe GS/E, 1970–1971.The Opel Commodore A Coupe GS/E, 1970–1971.Opel Commodore A, 1967-1971Gerd Koch pilots an Opel Commodore A GS in Markenpokal (Opel Cup) racing, 1970.
The Opel Kadett B LS, 1967–1970.The Opel Kadett B Coupe, LS, 1967–1970.The Opel Kadett B Coupe Rallye LS, 1967–1970. 
1968The Opel GT arrives on the scene. Its advertising slogan “Only flying is better” is adopted as a popular figure of speech.
The Opel GT, 1968–1973.Advertisement for the Opel GT from 1968.Left to right: Opel Aero GT 1969, 1.9-liter Opel GT, 1968–1973, and the Opel Experimental GT from 1965.The Opel GT/J, 1971.
Opel promotes the GT with the slogan “Only flying is better.”The 1,9-liter Opel GT, 1968–1973.  
1969Opel introduces second-generation models of the Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat.
The Opel Kapitän B, 1969–1970.The Opel Admiral B, 1969–1977.The Opel Diplomat B, 1969–1977.The Opel Diplomat B V8, 1969–1977