Opel History 1900-1909

1901 Heinrich von Opel wins the Königsstuhl hill climb near Heidelberg in an Opel Lutzmann.
A contract is finalized with the French manufacturer Alexandre Darracq, authorizing Opel to produce Darracq automobiles under license. Opel builds its first motorcycle.
In March 1901, Opel scores its first victory in motor sport, when Heinrich von Opel wins the Königsstuhl hill climb. The 9 hp Opel Motor Car, System Darracq Tonneau, 1902. The 9 hp Opel Motor Car, System Darracq Tonneau. 1902. Advertisement for the pel Darracq, from 1903.
The 16/18 hp Opel Motor Car, System Darracq, 1904–1906. The Opel two-cylinder luxury motorcycle with 3 1/2 hp and electromagnetic ignition, from 1905. Opel one-cylinder motorcycle with 3 3/4 hp, from 1905.  
1902 The first Darracq chassis are outfitted with Opel bodies in Rüsselsheim. The vehicles are marketed under the brand name Opel Darracq.
The first model built entirely by Opel, with a newly developed 10/12 hp, two-cylinder engine, is completed in fall of the same year.
The two-cylinder, 10/12 hp Opel Motor Car, the first model built entirely by Opel. The 10/12 hp Opel Motor Car, 1902. An advertisement from 1902/03 promotes various Opel products. This emblem adorns the first vehicle constructed entirely by Opel, the 10/12 hp model from 1902.
1903 Opel develops its first four-cylinder engine, with 20/24 hp output.
1905 An Opel Darracq showroom and service center opens its doors near the Tiergarten park in Berlin.
1906 The one-thousandth Opel automobile leaves the factory. Opel establishes a branch factory in Berlin.
First Opel plant in Berlin, 1906. Automobile exhibition in Berlin, 1906.    
1907 In a specially built 60 hp car, Opel test driver and company race-car driver Carl Jörns wins the Kaiser’s Prize Race in the Taunus region: Opel is awarded the Kaiser’s Prize for the best German automobile and is designated purveyor to the court.
Image-building ad from 1907, Carl Jörns is honored by Kaiser Wilhelm II with the Kaiser’s Prize. The Kaiser’s Prize Race takes place on June 14, 1907. Carl Jörns pilots Opel’s entry. Carl Jörns and Christian Michel proudly display the Kaiser’s Prize Cup. Carl Jörns with the Kaiser’s Prize Cup, contributed by Kaiser Wilhelm II.
1909 Opel introduces an affordable compact car. The 4/8 hp two-seater, designed for customers who place great importance on dependability, becomes known as the “Doktorwagen” (Doctor’s Car).
The 4/8 hp Opel “Doctor’s Car” from 1909. The 4/8 hp Opel “Doctor’s Car” from 1909. The Opel logotype in the expressive style of 1909 proudly graces the radiator grilles of Opel’s 4/8 hp “Doctor’s Car” and the 6/16 hp model.