Opel is on Track! 2018 Video Review

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 11:00

  • Successful year: Opel puts PACE! strategic plan into action
  • Pocket-rocket: Sporty Opel Corsa GSi extends model range
  • Strong start: New Combo Life and Combo Cargo “Van of the Year 2019”
  • Visionary: From Opel GT to GT X Experimental concept
  • Don’t miss it: Highlights-video packs one year into 60 seconds


Rüsselsheim.  2018 was an important year for Opel – full of energy and great automobiles. At the same time, it also saw the company lay the foundations for sustainable success with the PACE! strategic plan. As part of Groupe PSA, Opel will become sustainably profitable, electric and global. Opel hit the headlines in numerous ways throughout the year – as the 60-seconds video, “2018 – Opel is on track” shows.

The year got off to a fast start in the spring with the launch of the Corsa GSi, a pocket-rocket that is not only fun-to-drive, but also state-of-the-art in terms of emissions, conforming to the strict Euro 6d-TEMP standard (NEDC fuel consumption, l/100 km: 8.0-7.7 urban, 5.5-5.1 extra-urban, 6.4-6.0 combined, COg/km 147-138 combined[1],[2]).

Compared with the Corsa GSi, the new Opel Combo brings rather less pace but much more space to the market. The Combo Life passenger car version went on sale first, with two wheelbases, up to seven seats and driver assistance systems that, until now, were only found in higher market segments.

The Combo Cargo displayed its talents for the first time in public at the IAA international motor show for commercial vehicles in Hannover, Germany, where it was crowned “International Van Of The Year 2019”. The Combo Cargo was developed to the same passenger car standards as the Combo Life, but the LCV derivative is aimed at professionals who need a compact van for transporting loads, tools or equipment.

Opel has always built cars that simultaneously appeal to the heart AND the head. The legendary Opel GT, which this year celebrated its 50th birthday, provides the proof. “Only flying is nicer“, said the advertising slogan in 1968. Then as now, the GT personifies the affordable dream car and the realisation of visionary ideas.

Realising visions and giving a look ahead to future Opel models is currently performed by the Opel GT X Experimental. Only 4.06 metres long, with five doors and coupé-like looks, the compact all-electric SUV is full of innovative ideas and technologies. It embodies the Opel brand values German, approachable and exciting in the boldest, clearest form yet. The “Opel Compass” and the “Opel Vizor” are the signature cues that show the direction for 2019 and beyond, true to the motto, “The future is everyone’s”.


[1] Values measured according to WLTP and converted to NEDC for comparison.

[2] WLTP combined figures (for information only, not to be confused with official NEDC values): 6.9-6.5 l/100 km fuel consumption; 155-146 g/km CO2 emissions.



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