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Opel Experience 2018: More Driving Fun and Safety

Mon, 26/03/2018 - 15:15

  • Register, buckle up, drive off: Target group specific driver trainings from Opel
  • From ADAM to Vivaro: Specific events with passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Winter Training: Insignia Country Tourer with all-wheel drive and torque vectoring
  • From the Opel Test Centre via the Nürburgring to the Alps: Best training conditions guaranteed


Rüsselsheim.  What are the limits of driving physics? Of one’s own driving skills? And how much fun is it to drive on a closed-off track? All of these questions can be answered by taking part in an Opel Experience 2018 driver training session. For over ten years now, Opel Motorsport has been offering driver trainings tailored to diverse target groups and needs – now the programme has been revisited and extended. Led by professional instructors with competitive racing experience, all the training modules share the same objective for participants in 2018: to experience more driving fun with high safety! They have this opportunity under the best conditions: Opel Experience participants can explore the Opel Test Centre in Dudenhofen, which is normally closed to the public, experience the “Green Hell” on the Nürburgring or drift “on the road”, as at the Winter Training in Thomatal, Austria.

The Opel Experience 2018 is divided into the three areas Sport, Individual and Special.

Sport: Passion, Power and Performance

The Sport Training programme brings Opel’s OPC and GSi philosophy to life.
Getting to know the impressive dynamics of the sporty Opel models and testing them at their limits without veering off the racing line is pure driving pleasure. Participants can choose between the half-day Basis Training and the full-day Performance Training which both take place at the Opel Test Centre Dudenhofen.

The Racetrack Training on the Nürburgring Nordschleife is perfect for those who prefer even more excitement. The “Green Hell” is considered the toughest racetrack in the world. 73 bends, up and downhill sections with gradients of up to 18 degrees, changing track surfaces and the sheer distance of over 20 kilometres make the Nordschleife a challenge that can only be mastered by those who take it on with respect and good preparation. This is exactly what the Opel racing and Ring experts get the participants ready for: learning the racing line, determining braking points and steering angle – thus guaranteeing that this learning experience is a success.

Individual: Rookie drivers or seniors – the best training for everyone

Mastering everyday situations safely and with ease – this is what participants learn in the Individual Trainings at the Opel Test Centre Dudenhofen. The contents of each module are tailored to the respective target group.

A new driving licence in hand and a car in the garage or in sight: the Opel Experience Rookies Training picks up where driving school left off. Experienced instructors carefully lead new drivers to the limits of driving physics. In the safety of a controlled environment, participants learn to evaluate dangerous situations and react properly. They also learn all about how the modern driver assistance systems in the current Opel models actively contribute to increasing safety.   

New in the portfolio

Another half-day offer is dedicated to drivers with many years of driving experience: The Seniors Training. A contradiction? Not at all! The development of modern vehicles is fast-paced: new driver safety systems and new technical functions offer the driver and passengers more and more safety and comfort – if one knows how to use them properly. So despite decades of experience, there are undoubtedly a few tricks that can be learned to manoeuver the car through everyday traffic even more safely.

By ladies for ladies. Participants in the Ladies Training learn from experienced female instructors how a modern car behaves in dangerous situations and how to better control it. On the safe training grounds of the Opel Test Centre, the participants master single exercises with and without electronic driver assistance systems, slowly approach the limits of driving physics and thus gain a stronger feeling of safety for everyday driving. All this comes without the driver assistant “helpful male co-driver” in the passenger seat.

Special: Get to know Opel’s entire model portfolio

During the one-and-a-half day Winter Training, participants get behind the wheel of a 4x4 Opel Insignia with torque vectoring or the all-wheel drive Opel Mokka X. The learn how to react properly when driving on ice or snow. They are taught the theory and practice of proper braking and acceleration, how to determine road grip limits, how to master extreme driving situations such as oversteer and understeer, and above all they practice, practice and practice some more. And the best thing about it: improving one’s own driving skills is not only an extremely effective contribution to road traffic safety – it is also tons of fun!

New in the portfolio

Want to experience the entire Opel X-Family? You can do so during the SUV X-Family Experience. The robust Mokka X, the flexible Crossland X and the sporty and elegant Grandland X – the trio enable pure SUV driving pleasure and each family member brings its very own style to the table. Participants get to know the stylish X models both on and off the road and learn just how helpful the modern Opel driver assistance system are to keep the car on track. Furthermore, the full-day training included a “behind the scenes” tour of the Opel Test Centre in Dudenhofen.

Every car drives and reacts differently – so why not try out the entire portfolio of Opel models under professional guidance? The Opel Brand Experience Day makes this possible. Participants improve their driving skills in various passenger car models ranging from the ADAM and Astra to the Insignia and the new Grandland X. In the process they familiarise themselves with the Opel technologies and assistance systems and learn to use them properly. This makes driving even more relaxing. And finally they get an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Opel Test Centre Dudenhofen.

For those with more of an affinity for large vehicles, Opel offers a one-day LCV Training (Light Commercial Vehicle). This is a must for every commercial vehicle driver, as a loaded vehicle reacts completely differently in extreme situations than one is used to from a passenger car. In addition to various driving exercises, the module also addresses proper load securing and economical driving style.

And for all those whose hearts beat faster when they hear names like Kadett B, Commodore A Coupé, Manta A or Rekord A, Opel offers the Classic Tour. Along picturesque routes through the Rhine-Main region, participants can enjoy a day behind the wheel of true Opel icons. Appropriately, the start and finish is the Opel Classic Workshop in Rüsselsheim.


Further information about official fuel consumption, official specific CO2 emissions and consumption of electric energy can be found in the “guideline about fuel consumption, CO2 Emissions and electric energy consumption of new passenger cars” ('Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen') in German language, which is available free of charge at any point of sales and at DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Helmuth-Hirth-Straße 1, D-73760 Ostfildern.



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