Spring Cleaning With Right Care Products From Opel Dealers


  • The winter dirt has to go: get your car into shape for spring now
  • Keep shining: clean with the right products
  • For a long life on the road: good care pays off


Rüsselsheim.  An Opel should always look freshly painted, with clean windows and headlights, and flawless surfaces inside. This not only makes life with Corsa, Astra, Crossland X, Grandland X, Insignia and Co. more enjoyable, but also enhances their resale value. When manufacturing an Opel, many different high-quality materials are used, all of which require individual care. The wrong treatment can cause expensive damage. Opel dealers are the right specialists when it comes to professional care, also thanks to Opel’s long-standing cooperation with SONAX. Opel dealers are happy to take on the complete spring-cleaning as a service provider or advise customers professionally which materials should be treated with which care products – inside and out.

Prewashing with a steam or high-pressure cleaner removes coarse dirt. The wheel arches, in particular, should be thoroughly cleaned, followed by an underbody wash. After leaving the car wash, apply the brakes to dry them. In order to protect the paint, it should be treated twice a year. Matt or plastic parts must not be handled with polishing agents or hard waxes. Finally, clean the outside and inside of the windows with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth until no streaks are visible.

If you use rubber floor mats in the winter, they should be cleaned thoroughly, dried and replaced with velour floor mats. This prevents moisture from accumulating in the carpet under the mats. Now vacuum thoroughly, even under the seats, taking care to avoid damaging the cables for airbags and belt tensioners. Use a special cleaning cloth from the Opel dealer to wipe the instrument panel, shelves, steering wheel and all controls. Then clean them with a special product such as SONAX Cockpit Care. Now vacuum the upholstery and remove possible stains with cleaning foam and a sponge. Opel dealers also have first-class products for upholstery and leather care.

Also, check the engine compartment. The open area at the bottom often shows traces of corrosive salty spay. If so, an engine wash is required. However, this should only be done by a specialist. Opel dealers can also check the oil level, windscreen washer fluid and coolant in the post-winter check. In Germany, Opel dealers offer until April 30 an all-in package with the purchase of new windscreen wipers. The offer includes free fitting and a free-of-charge professional inspection, for example, of the windscreen and headlamp surfaces, the engine compartment, shock absorbers and tyres.

Safety equipment – such as first-aid kit, warning triangle and at least one warning vest – should also receive an inspection. Finally, remove anything that does not need to be in the car. Every superfluous kilogramme on board wastes fuel. As a rule of thumb, every 100kg adds around 0.3 l/100km to the fuel consumption. So jettison the snow chains, ice-scraper and brush until next winter.


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