Evolution within the Executive Committee of Groupe PSA in the context of an enlarged group.

Thu, 21/12/2017 - 13:30

As of February 1, 2018, Groupe PSA Executive Committee is evolving to benefit from the full potential of the team, with a view to continue the successful execution of the Push to Pass strategic plan, improve performance in China, anticipate the future challenges and support the implementation of the reconstruction of Opel Vauxhall's economic fundamentals.


Brigitte Courtehoux joins the Executive Committee and becomes Executive Vice President of Mobility and Connectivity Services to replace Grégoire Olivier. After having set up numerous initiatives with a powerful management of the Business Unit dedicated to this activity, she will develop the group's “Core Mobility Strategy” to support the ambition expressed in the Push to Pass plan.

Grégoire Olivier is appointed General Secretary and succeeds to Olivier Bourges. He will use his understanding of the issues related to the rapid evolution of the automotive industry. In addition, his extensive knowledge of China will legitimately allow him to focus his action in the field of Public Affairs in support of the leader of this region. Moreover, he will retain in his new mission the responsibility of the Business Lab.

Olivier Bourges becomes Executive Vice President of Programs and Strategy replacing Patrice Lucas. Thanks to his experience gained at another car manufacturer on the American continent on a similar function, he will take into account all the economic parameters of the company, while developing the strategic foresight dimension of the group. In charge of Groupe PSA’s banking activities, he retains control of the two groups sales financing JVs.

Patrice Lucas is appointed Executive Vice President of the Latin America region to replace Carlos Gomes. His perfect knowledge of the company's performance levers will enable him to take responsibility for the group's industrial, R & D and sales activities in this region with a strong potential of growth and thus continue to improve its economic performance.

Carlos Gomes becomes Executive Vice President of the China and ASEAN Region to replace Denis Martin, who has decided to pursue personal projects outside the group. With the results obtained in Latin America in a difficult economic context, Carlos Gomes will be able to use his commercial expertise and managerial skills to give a new impetus to this region with strategic issues for the company.

Xavier Chéreau, Executive Vice President Human Resources, is entrusted with the management of the transformation of the company with the reporting of the Digital Management, the real estate Management, in addition to the fixed Cost Committee for which he is responsible. Having positioned the Human Resources Department as a strategic business partner, he is thus entrusted with the responsibility of major levers of the group's transformation.

On the strength of these changes, the Executive Committee will continue to implement the actions of the Push to Pass plan with strength and determination and respond to future challenges.



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