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TÜV Report 2021: Opel Insignia and Opel ADAM are Class Leaders


  • Insignia flagship takes strong second place overall
  • Opel claims two of six possible class victories for cars between two and three years old
  • Results from 8.8 million major inspections


Rüsselsheim.  The Opel ADAM and the flagship Insignia have fewer errors than other cars in their classes. As last year, in the new TÜV Report the ADAM continues to dominate the segment for mini cars aged two to three years, with an average significant error rating of only 3.7 per cent. The TÜV has even fewer concerns with Opel’s flagship. The Insignia is not only at the top of its class, it also takes the silver medal in the overall classification. With a rating of 2.2 per cent, the Insignia is only just behind the Mercedes GLC.

“With the Opel Insignia, we are pleased to see that a midsize model from a volume manufacturer has made it to the podium”, said Joachim Bühler, Managing Director of the TÜV Association.

“The new TÜV Report is confirmation of our high level of quality, from flagship to small cars”, said Andreas Marx, the head of Opel in Germany. “Of course, we always aim to increase customer satisfaction in all areas. Our decades-old advertising claim – Opel the reliable – applies to our cars more than ever.”

When it comes to the technical condition of vehicles in Germany, the TÜV Report has been a reliable source since 1972. The strengths and weaknesses of individual cars are listed in classes according to their age. Around 8.8 million major inspections were analysed for the TÜV Report 2021. Two hundred and twenty-eight different models were inspected between July 2019 and June 2020.


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