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No Fear of the Dark Thanks to IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light from Opel


  • Adaptive IntelliLux LED® light technology in Corsa, Astra, Insignia and new Mokka
  • LED headlamps standard on many Opel models
  • Energy saving LED lights further increase efficiency


Rüsselsheim.  The clocks have just been put back one hour to winter time, but the darker season holds no fear for Opel drivers – from Corsa and Astra to the flagship Insignia, their cars are ideally equipped for driving in gloomy conditions with IntelliLux LED® matrix light.

Brand new among the models with this technology is the new Mokka and the all-electric Mokka-e, which are also available with adaptive, glare-free IntelliLux LED® matrix light.

Full LED headlamps with numerous automatic functions are also available on the majority of Opel passenger cars, such as the Opel Grandland X and the new Opel Crossland. Compared with conventional systems, LED lights are not only brighter, but also more durable and energy-efficient and therefore further reduce CO2 emissions.

Precise, glare-free, bright as day: adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix light

IntelliLux LED® matrix light is far superior to xenon or conventional systems because it is more precise and more powerful. The clever headlamps make driving in darkness safer and more comfortable. As soon as the car leaves urban surroundings, the matrix headlamps switch automatically to main-beam and continuously adapt the range and distribution of the light cone, regardless of whether the car is on the motorway, country roads or driving through a curve. The LED segments rapidly and automatically adapt to the prevailing traffic situation. Individual LEDs switch off in milliseconds, turning night into day without glare for oncoming traffic.

The adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light of the Insignia features 168 LED elements, 84 per headlamp. The high number of continuously reacting LED elements results in a seamless adaptation. Approaching or preceding traffic is precisely “cut” out of the light beam.

In particular, Pixel Light provides a further improved autobahn function. In left-hand curves, additional light shines to the left, improving the driver’s visibility of the driving lane, while sufficient light remains on the right for the driver to see, for example, roadside signs. In right-hand curves, the light shines more to the right, in order to avoid glare for oncoming traffic.

New Mokka with full LED light as standard

Opel offers advanced lighting in many other models as well. The new Opel Mokka, for example, features a full LED system consisting of headlamps, daylight running lamps, indicators and LED taillights as standard. The new Opel Crossland is available with optional adaptive full LED headlamps, with curve light, main beam assist and automatic levelling all integrated in the Opel Vizor, as on the new Mokka.

Instead of the standard LED headlamps, the Grandland X is also available with the option of camera-based, adaptive AFL LED technology. Thanks to the automatic main beam, the driver does not need to switch it on and off manually to prevent glare for other road users. AFL LED headlamps feature up to eight individual functions – light for town, country roads, motorways, cornering, turning and parking, plus main beam assist and automatic dipping.


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