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Augmented Reality: New Opel Mokka Can Park on Driveways Today


  • Mokka goes augmented reality: Multi-channel social media awareness campaign
  • AR filter adds a digital Mokka to real life photographs and videos
  • New Mokka shows what Opel stands for today and in the future
  • Innovative car presentation: place yourself in a video next to the virtual Mokka


Rüsselsheim. The new Opel Mokka shows what Opel stands for today and in the future. Clear, bold and exciting, the Mokka is full of energy and for those who can’t wait for the real thing, Opel has developed an augmented reality (AR) filter for Facebook and Instagram Stories. The filter imposes the new Mokka in 3D over the user’s real-life photographs and videos displayed by their smartphone – for example, their driveway, hometown or favourite café. Users can share the resultant creations on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #OpelMokka, #MokkaAR and mentioning @Opel. They can easily find it by searching “Mokka” in the relevant filter functions.

Write your own Mokka story

All you need to get creative with the new Mokka and the AR filter is a smartphone and an internet connection. You can place yourself next to the Mokka and get your picture taken together with it or – as Opel’s YouTube example shows – even record a high tech presentation video.

You can try it yourself by using the filter available on the two platforms:


The best results are achieved in areas with plenty of light, be it inside or outside. There are no limits to where the car can be parked either. You can park it right in front of you and you can change the size and angle and place it on the coffee table, or anywhere else, by zooming in and out and turning the model by tapping the image.

Mokka goes AR: Multi-channel social media awareness campaign

To familiarize fans and interested users with the Mokka AR filter, Opel provides tutorials, shares user-generated content and inspires with Mokka captures from professional photographers on their social media channels. To spread the word, also employees and dealers get activated to support the upcoming reveal and launch marketing initiatives.

Technically, Opel’s Mokka AR experience is built with Spark AR, Facebook’s proprietary AR development suite. The main development challenge was to deliver a visually compelling result within the given platform conditions in regards to file size and polygon count by simultaneously achieving a product-correct and convincing look. The technically customized development was key to make the filter run as smoothly as possible on a wide portfolio of iOs and Android smartphones.

The new Opel Mokka is the first model to wear the new brand face, the Opel Vizor. The same goes for the redesigned Opel Blitz lightning bolt emblem and the centrally aligned model nameplate at the rear. The new Mokka is also the first Opel with the Pure Panel and a fully digitised, intuitive cockpit. In addition, it is the first Opel available at the start of the sales with electric drive as well as highly efficient combustion engines.


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