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New Mokka: Opel Focuses on Model Nameplates


  • Main thing Mokka: the nameplate is now centrally located at the rear
  • Clearly legible: Opel font modernized for better digital display
  • New philosophy: development of next-generation Mokka follows Opel design compass


Rüsselsheim.  A car from a single mold. Precise, straightforward, high quality – that is the new Opel Mokka. Clearly aligned according to the design compass developed by Opel, with ideal proportions. The face of the next Mokka generation shows extremely attractive features that are disciplined and personable at the same time – like a German supermodel working on the set. This discipline is everywhere, in every detail, especially in the Mokka nameplate. It is all-new, like the whole car, with a specially designed font that forms the word “Mokka” in a technical, flowing, lively way. A name and an emblem at the centre of a new generation of vehicles. The same goes for the new Mokka itself, the first Opel that confidently bears its name centrally on the tailgate below the legendary lightning flash symbol. Readable for everyone and without annoying additives such as equipment lines or displacement abbreviations. The new Opel Mokka only says “Mokka” – or “Mokka” with the small “e” in the case of the purely battery-electric version.

“The nameplate illustrates the absolute precision of the new Mokka”, explains Opel Design Vice President, Mark Adams. “The sharply crafted lettering is stretched in a wide landscape format and is confidently spaced to emphasize the width of the vehicle. It’s central placement is consistent with Opel’s compass philosophy, where the key visual elements are arranged along the vertical and horizontal axis. The electric Mokka-e is defining a new era for the Opel brand. Form and function linking together perfectly – simply German.”

The next Opel Mokka generation is a completely new design and deliveries to the first customers will begin in early 2021.

The Opel compass: the visual identity of future models

The coming Mokka generation reveals for the first time the new blueprint for the front and rear view of future Opel models. In the design compass, two axes intersect with the Opel lightning flash in the middle. The legendary brand logo is becoming the central feature more than ever. The now sharper and clearer crease in the bonnet, which continues below the flash, determines the vertical axis. The characteristic wing-shaped graphics of the daytime running lights, which future Opel models will also feature, symbolize the horizontal axis. The theme repeats in the rear view and shows the Opel compass in its purest form. The flash in the middle combined with the centrally arranged model nameplate connects the horizontal line of the wing-shaped rear lights with the vertical line that extends from the roof antenna down to the accentuated crease in the bumper.


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